Casual wear is something we need to carry on from time to time. It never goes out of style and fashion as it’s an essential requirement for everyone. As the pandemic has dawned upon us, we want to have more laid back looks which at the same time, they are comfortable and chic. Whether you are heading to a casual day party or a lazy date, you want to dress up informally. It seems like a straight forward dress code, but it gets complicated to pull it off. However, if you know a few of the tips, your casual wear can be more noticeable. We will discuss today to make sure that you know about how to update your wardrobe by choosing the right tops and dresses to balance out the stylish and chic factor.

What is a casual dress code?

Casual dress code is easy to carry and comfortable. If you are hanging out with your friends or heading out for casual Friday day, the casual dressing can come to rescue. Casual dress code usually consists of t-shirts, skirts, comfy dresses and jeans with sneakers to elevate your comfort level with relaxed and fun vibes. But it gets tricky sometimes to balance out the comfort with chicness, so that is why we are here today.

How to strike a balance between stylish and casual?

You don’t need to sacrifice your style for comfort. With just little creativity and a keen eye, you can easily make your casual wear look sharp and eye-catching. Here are a few of the tips from our side to make your everyday clothes worth remembering.

  1. Do the contrasting game

Always do contrast colours while picking out your tops and bottoms to stand out and make the right decision. Develop a discerning eye so that you always choose the colours which are appealing to the eye. For example, you wear all black and add a white pair of shoes with it. Another way is to pair your skinnies with a loose-fitting top or tight blouse with billowy skirts or dresses.

2. Know the right items which can add a style 

Some casual wear clothing items are meant to be just every day. If you pair the right thing that needs to be paired with any of your fancy clothes, this can change your style game. The casual dresses include summer dresses, maxi dresses, tank tops, fitted tops, sneakers, flats, low heels and a pair of nice jeans.

3. Pick the right material

Try to avoid fabrics which are easily wrinkled or too fancy like silk, rayon, net or satin. Stick to fabrics like cotton, linen, polyester or denim. Such type of clothing material will give you a sharp look. Choosing the right cloth is a significant factor where people know the difference between casual and formal.

4. Create layers 

An interesting fact is that layering is just not meant for winters. You can also do some layering in summers to look extra chic and gorgeous. It impresses a person visually and creates a look by merely layering your favourite pieces of casual wear. For example, layering barrettes underneath your mesh tops can make a peek-a-boo style.

Now let’s talk about some of the everyday casual wear that is noticing on the ramp walks and streets to make your clothing experience comfortable.

What casual wear is in style?

Some of the dresses and tops can get your attention if you dig deeper by following celebrities, influencers and famous fashion designers.

  1. Grab a Polka Dot Dress

As summers are approaching, we go for the polka dot dresses as it’s flattering and reminds us of 60’s and 70’s fashion trends. Polka dot short dress would be great for summers and spring for a mild look, but it can get bold if you add your flair of personality. Polka dot dress can look cute on anyone, and that’s why it’s perfect for casual wear. You can flaunt your polka dress either you are going out for lunch or just a summer trip. Polka dots are very playful and can be paired with a highlighter colour, making your outfit pop out.

2. Pull off a basic crew neck white t-shirt

Basics can never go out of fashion as the white t-shirt is your go-to partner for any casual wear day. This shirt can be suitable while running your errands or a casual couch day in your bedroom. You can style a white t-shirt instantly according to any occasion. If you wish to Netlflix and chill with your comfort food, pair it with cute pyjamas o or throw a pair of skinnies with a French tuck. The white t-shirt is quite versatile which can be worn into various ways other than tucking like changing it in a crop top by tying the knot in the middle. Add big hoops to give all those summery vibes.

3. Little black dress 

Black dresses are always exotic, and we prefer to have a range of styles and cuts in black. A little black dress is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, which can be flaunted for the casual day at the bar or house dinner party with your best friend. If you think black dresses are only meant for parties and clubs than you are mistaken. Little black dress can make you feel super comfortable and confident by pairing a pair of white sneakers.

4. Ruffled top never goes out of fashion

Summer is all about playing with your outfit with frills and ruffles. A ruffled top with quirky print can always brighten up your any day. The ruffled top can be your perfect balance between casual and stylish if you pick any low key summery print and compliment it with a pair of black pants. This is the secure option if you are intimidated by bold prints. 

5. Baggy loose, flattering dress

When it comes to comfort, baggy loose fits can be ultra-trendy and chic. Baggy clothing possesses all the qualities that you are looking for a casual dress. It gives you all those relaxing vibes, and such casual wear can be paired with accessories to make it look lovelier. To accentuate your curves, you can add a belt at best to adjust the proportion of the dress. To make it look extra stylish, don’t forget to complement it with over-the-knee boots to give it a little modern smart look.

6. Casual floral dress

The floral dress is what you next need in summers. It cannot be missed since floral is an accurate representation of casual wear. Got to your evening wine backyard with nature and a floral dress can be instantly catching everyone’s attention. Casual dress code is limited to jeans and a simple t-shirt but short dresses that are appealing and attractive. Pick a loose-fitting floral short clothing to keep yourself relaxed and comfortable. To make it more elegant, embellish it with a leather waist belt, and you are all set to go for a countryside trip or a short gateway.

7. Plaid dress on the go

One day goes out of the blue and goes for those plaids that we have observed since childhood. Plaids are another summer trend taking over everyone’s eyes, and many celebrities can be seen following the trend. The plaid printed dress will disappoint you as casual wear is ubiquitous, but you can add your personal touch by complimenting it with other print shoes like animal or stripes. The print-on-print might sound like an old school, but if you notice all the outfit ideas revive back from the past.

8. Throw a Sexy Tank Top

Tank tops can be the saviour for any casual time you want to conquer. It’s the most important basic which can be dressed up everywhere anytime without any hesitation. Tank top is designed to protect you from the summer heat and act as a basis for any layering. It can be styled in a myriad of ways which can be suitable for any occasion. Be it a stay over at your best friend or a meeting with your boss; a tank top can be styled by just topping over any basic blazer or a cardigan. You will be a hot mess if you style it correctly.

9. Chiffon printed bohemian top

The bohemian top is excellent for hippy style if you wish to get a summer feeling with vivid patterns and style. Casual wear with adorable and unique prints can make people remember you and differentiate you from others. Such gorgeous casual wear is designed to make your crush awe-struck.

As we went through all the latest casual wear in style to solve your informal and formal wear that can be worn in various casual occasions. We have suggested all attires which have almost covered all the everyday instances where you can flaunt any one of the styles. The key to success any casual wear is that you need to do the right pairing, and it should be comfortable at most. Layering over basics and accessorizing it is a big-time to balance out the chicness and easiness of any dress. Since the world has been sitting back at home and increased, lockdown enforcement has drastically changed everyone’s fashion tastes. We want to have virtual meetings and dates for which we prefer the utmost comfortable clothes that don’t need much effort. We are sure that all the suggested ideas gathered by us can make you feel sassy and up-to-date.