If you think swimsuits cannot be worn in winters, then you are mistaken. Summers are not only the time to flaunt your flattering swimsuits. Gone are the days when you only wait to wear your favourite bathing suits in summers. All the celebrities, bloggers and influencers have found innovative ways to dress up swimsuits so that we don’t get to wear it an only handful of times. When you plan to head out even to run errands, you can incorporate a swimsuit into your casual wear.

Swimwear fashion is getting all the attention from the fashion gurus due to its sassy and unique look by taking your stunning Swimsuit to the next level. Here are our few ideas to bring your swimwear out and about.

Cardigan + One Piece twisted SwimsuitTo all the one-piece swimsuit ladies, utilize your eye-catching coloured bathing suits by dressing it up with boyfriend jeans and a cardigan. You will achieve a polished look for a day out with your friends or a shopping day spree by going out in black chic twisted neckline bodysuit. Elevate your overall look with the basics, and you won’t even feel like you are wearing a swimsuit.

  1. Black Pleated Skirt + Animal Print Swimsuit

Ignite the fire and take the road of flirty flare by complimenting your wild one-piece Swimsuit with a straight pleated skirt. Top it with a blazer or a bomber jacket to take your outfit to the next level. Let your inner animal instincts unleash with this outfit and look fierce.

2. Flared Pants + Halterneck Swimsuit 

Halter neck swimsuits ooze style and sophistication if you pair it with flared pants to flaunt your casual to a chic outfit. Such swimsuits can be paired with a cropped knit top to give you warmth and heat at the same time. When taking off this Swimsuit, you will stand out from the crowd. Compliment it with sneakers or ankle boots to finish off the entire outfit.

3. Zebra Midi Skirt + Side cut out Swimsuit.

If you are looking for a side cut out dress, worry not, we have got you covered with a fantastic trick to achieve it. Just throw a side cut out Swimsuit and pair a flowy zebra printed skirt for an alluring DIY dress. This stylish Swimsuit will make anyone go ga-ga over you, so this is a must-have figure-flaunting swimsuit. Pair it with a puffer jacket or a leather jacket and ankle boots to get your outfit on point.

4. Wide leg pants + Ring hole Bodysuit 

Hit a pub or a bar this weekend in your ultimate favourite shimmery ring-hole bodysuit with string necklace. You can always pair such type of bathing suits with wide-legged pants to keep a freestyle and bring comfort at the forefront. Compliment it with heels and flashy jewellery to kick starts all the weekend party vibes. Add a fur jacket to look extra sassy.

5. Clochard Midi Skirt + Neck Tie Swimsuit

Enjoy the winter beach look by dressing up in a necktie- Swimsuit and a clochard white skirt to flaunt your curves flawlessly. Such swimsuits can be styled from mornings till sunsets to take all the salty air. To avoid getting cold at the beach, don’t forget to add a cover-up at the top to feel the winters in the right way.

6. Low waist jeans + High-waisted two-piece Swimsuit

Exude cheekiness and audacious by exposing your high-waisted bikini bottom over baggy jeans. Overlap your outfit with long knitted kimono to add a little bit of sophistication to your outfit. Elevate it further by pairing it with white sneakers to keep it casual. But if you are team glamorous, then top over a glitzy velvet coat to level-up your party game.

7. Black leggings + Cobra printed Swimsuit.

If you wish to explore a new winter trend, then we have got an excellent idea for you. Top a one-piece exclusive cobra printed over a pair of leggings to be that trendsetter. If you want, you can also wear a high neck underneath it to complete your winter look. Accentuate it further by topping a jacket over your outfit and over-the-knee boots.

8. Sheer Mesh Long dress + Two-piece O-ring Bikini

Show off your body curves in two-piece bikini with an O-ring bra top and high-waisted side cut-out bottoms. Add a black sheer mesh dress over your bikini to add a tinge of glitz and glamour to your outfit. Pair it with sneakers or long boots according to the occasion. For the winter style, throw a bomber jacket or any other jacket to sort out your outfit of the day.

9. Basic high-neck + Ruffled Bikini

Add an extension to your hot ruffled bikini top by wearing it under a basic high neck and tucking it inside leather pants. This awe-struck outfit can make you look stylish and chic in many ways. Dress it up with boots or sneakers depending on your choice. Add pearl studs and keep your hair in a sleek bun to have that bold personality on track.

Now let’s move on to the most asked questions regarding swimsuits and solve all your bathing suits dilemmas. Just follow our suggestions, and you will see the results for yourself.

Which swimsuit colour is the most flattering?

Picking the top swimsuit colours can be challenging if you are not aware of which colour suits the most regarding your skin tone. But here are a few suggestions according to our research:

  1. Blue: When it comes to bathing suits, blue can be your best friend forever. Blue is an excellent alternative to black and is similar to wearing your everyday jeans. Try different blue shades like teal blue, cobalt blue, mint blue, or purplish-blue colours can flatter the most skin types.
  2. Red: Give some power to your body and look no further, which gives demanding attention. Red can make you outstanding and sophisticated, which can help you reel in stares. Fair coloured skin looks best in bold colours like Red and can be quite flattering.
  3. Neon Pink: Highlighters are great for giving you a bold and confident look to enhance your tan and excellent olive tones. The vivid tones are impossible to overlook and strikingly appealing. Try other neon colours too like orange, yellow and green.
  4. Black: Black is always a good idea and never gets old since black is still making you look exotic. It will never disappoint you since going black ignites the fire around you.
  5. Purple: Get lost into the shades of purple for lovely bathing suits looks to pull off your winter looks. Lighter hues are in fashion these days, so pairing it with leather skirts or pants can make you look like a queen.
  6. Prints: Prints can be alluring in terms of contrasting colour combinations like pink and black or blue and black. Any attractive prints, be it floral, stripes or animal prints, it can look great in getting the head turns. A mixture of colours can look pretty in all the skin tones. On the other hand, animal print suits fierce and wild personalities, so pick wisely. 

Are high-waisted swimsuits in style?

High-waisted swimsuits are in fashion than the usual bikini due to its perfect draped effect. High-waists are great for those women who prefer to feel comfortable and super confident in fancy cut-outs and strappy details to give it a perfect touch. 

This style has to be in trend for some time because of its inexplicable comfort and insta-worthy pictures. It’s also a versatile bikini style that can be at the beach, yoga class or just while lying on your sofa.

Let’s look at some of the tips and tricks to style such swimsuits to avoid redundancy.

Tips & Tricks for High-waisted Swimsuits

  1. Please don’t go overboard: These swimsuits are minimalists and designed for those who want to flaunt their curves for a smart look. Try to focus on the Swimsuit and keep other things constant to get attention.
  2. Cover the belly button: High waisted means that the bikini top should cover the belly button to accentuate your body shape.
  3. Good Support: Wear the top and bottom, which has good support with a fit according to your body shape.
  4. Waistband: It should be not too tight or not loose to get a good fit
  5. Accessories: Try different accessories with your Swimsuit which adds a stylish overall look 
  6. Layers: You can further add a layer of clothing. Either go for a simple sweatshirt by tying a knot to give it a sleek look. As a third coat, you can put a cardigan over it as well. Using your swimsuits as essential is positively trending and accessorize it with big hoops.
  7. Create a wrap dress: Pick out a long cardigan or an oversized sweater and accessorize it with a belt to create your winter wrap dress. You can create similar styles by just mixing and matching your winter wardrobe staples for an impressive outfit.

Thick pair of pants: 

  1. Pair with dark-toned velvet flared pants with these high waisted swimsuits is an excellent alternative to your average dress. Just style with a bikini top, wedges and some cool earrings to uplift your bikini like a boss. This can be suitable for various occasions.
  2. Add a Scarf: Elevating your bikinis with scarfs can through off some great deal to your overall outfit of the day. Complimenting it with a printed silk scarf in hair or even in the neck can give you sharp and defined look. Wear it as a headscarf or bandana and add a pair of oversized sunglasses to create a retro-inspired style.
  3. Dress up with a pantsuit:  Styling your bikinis with pantsuit gives you a powerful pose with a bold and classic look. Wear your bikini top underneath the coat and keep the buttons open. Pair of pencil heels and shiny earrings would do a great job.

Conclusively, all the bikini types can be styled in various ways according to the occasions and the vibes you pick. From dinner to clubbing or just casual hangout, bathing suits can be life-changing for you. So, please don’t wait for the summers to come and enjoy wearing them in winters too. Just think about the possible options and apply the mixing and matching technique to bring a style to the form. Save up your money and time this winter to get extra-ordinary and differentiated looks.

Lastly, before logging out, we suggest you do the right pairing according to your swimsuits to avoid failure. Dressing up in winters with swimsuits is not severe; it’s the just game of picking the right colours according to your body shape to win your looks.