Are you a rising minimalist who prefers to keep their clothing simple yet effortlessly chic? Then, you swear by “less is more” ethos as some of the simplest outfits turn out to be more profound than frills, ruffles or printed designs. 

Minimalist fashion represents the sartorial mindset which is all about pairing down some of the basics and essentials from your closet to create many fuss-free outfits at your disposal. However, minimalism does not mean that it’s tedious since unique cuts, polka-dot print dresses and knit necklines can still be done thoughtfully if added with minimalist flair. So, let’s first find out whether you have a minimalist style or not.

Do you have a minimalist personality?

The real challenge is integrating minimalism into your day-to-day outfits since it requires effort. It’s just not everyone’s piece of cake, but if you already have a minimalist personality, then it can become much easier for you. A minimalist style is about being timeless, classic, sophisticated, and choosing neutral colours without any intense prints or patterns. It works well with all the body shapes since it doesn’t include many trendy details, but it can look fresher if appropriately styled.

While there is a great way to bank on some of the minimalist wardrobe staples, to conquer the art of minimalism, you have to be your own Marie Kondo by de-cluttering and creating outfit pairings. 

How to simplify your wardrobe and create minimalist outfits?

Now that you have known your style, it’s time to simplify your wardrobe and create minimalist outfits according to your needs. Here’s a way to downsize your wardrobe in four simple steps:

1.Clear up your inventory: It’s essential to know first what clothes you like and what you don’t to note your wardrobe goals. Make the right direction of your closet and achieve your plans accordingly.

2.Define your style: As mentioned earlier, you need to know what fabrics, colours and styles you prefer. You can create a style mood board and pin anything you like and save for later inspiration. You don’t need to overthink and try to analyze whether your style is edgy or classic? Is it casual or dressy? Once you decide your style, try to stick to it.

 3.Declutter: In this process, you need to make the three piles of clothes; Yes, No and Needs repair. Keep only those clothes that you find flattering and fit very well. Remaining clothes should be thrown out and reorganize your closet with only “Yes” items that you think are important. If you are not sure about some of the pieces, then save it later and clutter accordingly.

4.Create your capsule collection: Building a capsule wardrobe means conscious consumption which includes ideally 20 to 40 pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories depending on your budget, but there is no specific script. If you want to start with a classic capsule, add two basic t-shirts, one button-down, one coat, three blouses, three dresses, two pairs of jeans, two pair of trousers, two skirts, two bags four pairs of shoes. You can substitute, build and arrange according to your needs. However, one rule that should be followed continuously is that everything should coordinate to get the most out of your wardrobe efficiently. So, it’s highly recommended to invest in those pieces only which are stylish, well-tailored and comfortable with making your wardrobe last longer.

Ahead, let’s discover our top 8 minimalist outfits’ picks to create your ultimate capsule wardrobe which will carry you through for life. 

1.The Essential White long dress

A minimalist’s go-to white dress can be a simple long dress with a slim strap that can be styled with any other primary basic. It’s a standard everyday dress which can be worn in various ways with a blazer or button-down to make your outfit more stylish. Pair the white beauty with sand blue slim strap open high block heels and a cute handbag to neutralize your entire outfit. 

2.The Cooled-down Midi Skirt

You can always rely on midi skirts since it’s suitable for any occasion. This below-the-knew length skirt is every minimalist’s solution for daily wear. It can be worn at work, formal events or even on weekends. Tuck in a plain white silky sleeveless structured tank top to match the midi skirt to help you carry on many occasions. Lastly, don’t forget to pair it with brightly coloured flat mules to complete the entire look.

3.Flattering Flared Pants

Add a flair of sassiness by keeping your minimal look alive with almond-shaped flared trousers which is unique yet polished. Update your boring trousers collection with on-trend elements like a classic white t-shirt and knotting it with the pants to keep it subtle. For a further toned-down look, the outfit can be complemented with pointed toe is woven stiletto shoes. This is a perfect outfit to flatter your shape by combining it in surprising ways with versatile pieces.

4.Edgy Wide-Legged Pants

A chic ladies trouser which can be easily styled with other pieces to create sartorial magic. White wide-legged pants are no longer summer-exclusive and can be paired with a blazer to have endless power suit options ready to be discovered. Pick a white blazer matching with pants to pull off a white-on-white trend by accessorizing it with nude twisted toe pump heels to add a magical touch to your overall outfit. This can be your go-to look for this season since these white pants and blazer can create multiple looks. 

If you wish to wear animal prints then dressing it up with zebra print strappy tank top would get along with it very well. The subtle zebra print will supposedly strike a balance between stylish and simplicity traits.

5.Chic Tube top Jumpsuit

Basic black jumpsuit perfectly designed to look simple but exude boldness at the same time. If you prefer to go low-key on some cocktail nights, then this minimal chic jumpsuit is your answer to the problem. Dress it in a basic black blazer and black block heels to power it up in a formal way. 

6.Asymmetric Nude Midi Dress

Another way to jazz up your style by wearing a nude sleeveless midi dress with monotones. Almond coloured dresses are always fabulous, which can be suitable for any occasions. Express sophistication by dressing it up with white button-down to go to the beach or leave it alone to flaunt the right style. Lastly, pair it with slim strap open heels to balance the outfit.

7.Basic Black Pants

Who doesn’t need a pair of black pants in your closet? Slim-fit black pants can be styled in numerous and is an ultimate wardrobe staple that cannot be missed. Whether you are going for an office look or a night out dinner party, black pants can be complemented with a sleeveless cropped top or a white button-down. You can also go for all-black outfits by pairing it with a plain black t-shirt to create matching separates. Complete the entire look with leopard print shoes to do the talking of the outfit.

8.A set of two-piece white separates

Gorgeous matching separates if you wish to achieve an upgraded version of white on white look. If you are not a fan of jumpsuits, then can rescue you with the latest chic simple style. It’s timeless and can do the double duty dressing work. Pair it with lace tie knot leather heels to accentuate your outfit.

How could minimalist styles work for you?

Since you know how to dress up for a minimalist style, let’s have a rundown on a few key takeaways to make it work for you on point. If you want to look chic and effortlessly beautiful, follow our tips and tricks to achieve your minimalist style goals.

1.Layer it up: This technique is excellent for the winter season when you can layer up with basic high-necks, blazers, coats and sweaters by mixing and matching with basics.

2.Monochrome: Wearing one singular Color can be a great start to draw people closer to you. A bit of Color can be added by solid colour shoes or bag to be that centre of attention by wearing the least.

3.Keep things unfussy: When you dress up in a minimalist outfit, try to not over-complicate things by complimenting it with flashy jewellery because it might ruin your overall look.

4.Dress it up or down: There are many ways you can dress up a basic outfit. For example, a basic white tee paired with baggy jeans can be worn with casual hang- out with friends. If you wish to look extra-stylish, you can also wear a t-shirt by tying a knot paired with some jeans.

5.De-clutter the closet: Try to keep some of your favourite pieces, staples and get rid of those you don’t need to streamline your wardrobe. This is the only way to achieve simpler outfits with various options.

6.Pick your style and stick to it:  If you pick one style, try to stick to it. One coherent manner represents your unique minimalist look. If you change your style every time, it will be a cluttered mess, so believe and have confidence.

7.Take inspiration from social media: Sometimes, all you need to do is scroll down the social media and check the latest minimalist fashion trends by following famous fashion celebrities. Choose the styles that specifically speak to you and try to replicate them to start.

8.Apply Color contrasting: Going Color determining instead of monochromatic can also be great sometimes to achieve a minimalist look—Master the art of contrasting bright colours like red and pink to have a vogue-inspired style.

9.Focus on Staples: It’s essential to focus on a few staples like basic t-shirts, dresses, jeans and shoes to achieve the desired looks. Then you build upon the outfits by pairing it with jackets, blazers and boots to look chic.

10.Going Over-sized: Sometimes wearing an over-sized shirt creates an illusion of wearing more when you are wearing less when in reality, and it’s more comfortable.

Overall, minimalism is a trend going on the rage these days, and all the celebrities follow it. It is not easy to achieve instantly, but you can ace every simple look if you are a fashion lover. Just try to think out of the box by following our tips and most importantly have confidence by setting your trends.