10% OFF on your FIRST PURCHASE!!! use code: LUMIEREDXB

10% OFF on your FIRST PURCHASE!!! use code: LUMIEREDXB

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Unfortunately, we are unable to make changes to items in an order once it has been placed. But we can cancel an order at any time before it is shipped. You can reorder the correct product. To cancel an item, you can LOG IN to your purchase history and click the cancel button, or contact our customer service team with your order.


We advise you to cancel your order online (instructions below). You can also cancel your order by contacting customer service, but due to time differences in Dubai and other countries, we cannot guarantee that customer service will receive your order before the order is shipped.


1 – Click on “MY LUMIERE”

2 – Click on “My orders”

3 – Select your order number

4 – Find your item and click “Cancel” in the Actions column
Orders are orders for items that are not currently in stock but are expected to be available for purchase in the future. The estimated arrival date of the item will be displayed on the product page. If you submit an order, the item will be reserved for you and shipped as soon as the item arrives in our inventory. You will not be charged for the item until it is shipped to you. We will send you an email when the item arrives and when it ships.

As ordered merchandise is shipped alone when it arrives in our inventory, the shipping cost for these items is accounted for separately. For items ordered under $100 value, expect shipping to be charged when it arrives and ships. If your order is valued over $100, we will automatically ship with the free shipping method, no charge upon arrival here. Upon checkout, you will have the option to upgrade your order shipment for an additional cost.

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