When thinking about winter layering, a flashback of school uniform bundle up hits our mind. However, playful layering is still lingering over many fashionistas’ style agenda to survive in cold, harsh weather as a fashion statement. Bundling up can help you keep prepared for anything and everywhere to create multiple versatile different looks. It solves your fashion dilemma to wear something warm, which looks stylish at the same time.

Layering also allows you to move around and play with the pieces that are already in your wardrobe. It gives you the ability to play with various kinds of items, fabrics, textures, colours, patterns and endless outfit possibilities. Most importantly, you can also use your summer clothes to create winter outfits that sounds pretty attractive. You could use wardrobe staples to bundle up your look, saving your time, money and space for your future clothing shopping spree.

The best method to Bundle up

There is always a sure way to master the art of layering by maintaining your style without compromising on comfort. But many women avoid wearing layers and layers since they are wary that it might make them look bigger. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you deliver some layering tricks without appearing bulky.

Layering your winter clothing can look scary, but one golden rule should be followed: to start from thinnest item to thickest. This is when you take the thinnest thing as a base layer to avoid looking bulky in your winter clothing, creating a more of a slim fit look. It’s similar to creating any art, so this technique is easy to follow and achieve, you need a keen sense of fashion to be there.

Now that you know the reason behind layering and its basic technique, let’s move ahead to our top 8 most suggested outfit creations and ideas by bundling up.

  1. Transform a summer dress

Utilizing your spaghetti strap midi summer dresses in winters is always a great idea. It’s the best way to transition your wardrobe from fall to winter season for effective layering techniques. You can layer over your favourite summer midi dress with a basic turtleneck top or sweater. If the dress has a good fitting, then layer under an oversized contrasting turtleneck sweater by keeping the other things casual. Pair it with ankle boots or sneakers with minimal jewellery.

Pro Tip: Pick a spaghetti strap printed midi dress specifically if you wish to achieve vogue-inspired insta-worthy pictures.

2. Pick an Outwear

Layering a metallic black bomber jacket for a street style trend is perfect for running errands in chilly weather. Finish off this off-duty look with mom-fit jeans and a cobalt blue cropped top by layering over turtleneck knit tank top to accentuate your overall outfit. This outfit adds an extra dimension and brings in more trend-driven piece underneath the basic knit top layer. Don’t forget to pair it with running sneakers to add a touch of chicness with comfort.

 3. Add a Blazer 

Spruce up your entire look by adding a printed pied poule blazer to get a flashback of ’80s. You will elevate your style instantly to a timeless classic and polished look. Bundle up by an essential layer of sleeveless button down and then a plain white short dress with your printed blazer. This will transform you any ordinary summer white dress to a chic, elegant outfit suitable for work meetings. If you are getting tired out of your mainstream pantsuit work attire, then this outfit can save your life for sure.

Complete the look with over-the-knee length boots or block heels depending on the vibes.

 4. Experiment with Prints

Don’t be afraid of using various patterns and prints to make a fashion statement. Trying out exclusive prints can be win-win for you by mixing and matching the items to create an effortlessly chic look. Then, layer basic sleeveless turtleneck top under any black bodycon dress to adjust with the winter weather. Over the top, layer over your vibrant printed button-down by tying a knot to finish the outfit. Add long boots to get a girl next door look.

Pro tip: Keep the dress and dull turtleneck colours while the button-down should be bolder to make you stand out from the crowd. 

5. Play around with Button Down 

Button downs can be worn and styled in numerous ways. Grab your favourite primary button down to use it for layering for modest outfits. Pair it underneath a winter vest and a trendy black pleated skirt to pull off the look brilliantly. Top a plain blazer over it and ankle-length boots to adjust to the posture of the body. This outfit can be great for formal evening events and work meetings if you wish to look extra-ordinary.

Pro Tip: Compliment with minimal pearl earrings stud to give you a sleek finish.

By strictly following the core layering basics, you can win every winter look very well. The technique of layering is simple to follow and understand to conquer the winter weather that comes your way. The best part about this technique is expressing your previous exuberant style by keeping yourself warm and the body proportions on point. The basic rule will not even show that you are wearing 101 layers which is a plus point.

 Do make a note that layering does not need to be too complicated. The art of layering is more than enough to make your every outfit stand out and do the job of chicness.