You could be thinking about spring clothes fashion trend 2021 even though pandemic is around, but We want to make sure we’re there for out zoom work meetings. The designers have made sure that new work from home routine is well situated with their spring clothing designs. This year seriously has released some bold and stylish cuts with attractive designs. The fashion world has been exposed to new trends that set up the post quarantine’s mood. All the varying degrees of spring clothes can change your entire outlook this season.

Before discussing some trending clothes, let’s talk about the colours on the rage these days.

What colours are trending for spring clothes 2021?

  1. Pastel Yellow: This colour means to achieve a sense of jovial and likability if you are in a challenging situation. You can project happiness and impact anyone’s psyche with this colour everywhere you go. We feel that it’s essential to have yellow in our aura.
  2. Lavender: The pastel purple colour is a colour associated with royalty and gives us a calmer mind during the chaos. This colour reminds us of simpler times with avant-garde dressing. The gentle approach with this colour even gives you a comforting yet classic look.
  3. Turquoise: The hippie energy of the colour connects you to nature and is a way to soothe yourself. This colour is pandemic-appropriate as the designers are trying best to set boundaries around the bodies.
  4. Tangerine: Orange represents confidence, creativity and independence. Some people also associate orange to lose power as it’s quite bold to give you that vitality.
  5. Green: Fresh green embodies growth, expansion and determination to focus on your goals. This type of energy will help you get things done with intense optimism and embracing hope.
  6. Magenta: Pink is usually associated with feminine dressing. However, the colour breaks the norms to point out that magenta is a bold genderless choice. You can go against the norm and be a non-conformist with this colour.

Now, we have discussed the trending spring clothes colours in detail, let’s move ahead with some serious style inspiration for your spring clothes collection which is commonly spotted these days.

The best spring Clothes outfit ideas

  1. Monochromoatic with White Blouse and Black Pants

The monochromatic magic of black and white is a no-fuss and elegant to flaunt your eveningwear. It’s a great combination which can be pulled off in various ways for any occasion. If you are dressed, then go for the black and white short dress with a chic cut out half-shoulder. While you wish to slay office attire, try wearing a pleated overlapping white blouse with basic black pants. This is the simplest and fundamental of all the looks that can be dressed up quickly without effort.

Spring clothes with the short dress can be complemented with a blazer of your choice to make sure the season goes easy on you. Similarly, you can also throw a long cardigan on your white blouse and black pants.

2. The new style of Lace Bralette

This is the most spring’s trendy stomach-clenching look which was last observed in 1998. Lace bralettes are back with a bang to create plain, flirty and minimalist outfits that take over every designer’s catwalks and presentations. Lace bralette tends to give an optimistic vibe by making you feel sultry at the same time.

 Add a must-have Lace bralette to your spring clothes collection to stay on-trend. It can be styled in various ways either with shorts, midi skirt or fancy pants according to the occasion. Lace bralettes can be slain at any time of the hour.

3. Floaty Maxi Dress 

This season is all about breathing out and exploring micro-apartments for maxi dresses taken to the floor. This is the most romantic idea with sheer styles and floor-sweeping lengths which are great for glamorous cocktails in your high-rise city bar balcony. Maxi dresses with wild prints can look amazing and pose boldness in you.

Summery prints are perfect for spring clothes and are adjusted to the weather. Add a pop of blazer for a formal outfit or a jacket to cover yourself with style.

4. Wide strides with Culottes

It’s time to say bye to all skinny jeans and cigarette pants, lovers, as baggy trousers are taking over this spring season. Elevate your spring clothes with culottes because they are bona fide trend for a quick match to your style. Explore the season’s elegant side with this spring staple, which can be your next everyday casual trouser. It creates a whole lot of comfort zone with your varied styles. 

Culottes can be found in many forms like flared, high-waisted and low waisted, suitable for every body shape.

5. Cape Dress Takeover

The escapism we are craving these days is regarding the spring clothes collection with cape detailing. Cape dresses are can perhaps fulfil your ultimate sartorial fantasy with its appealing touch. This shows how fashion can get superfluous and gorgeous at the same time. Cape dresses are designed for your fancy evenings which can make you feel a little lighter.

If you are a hardcore fan of black dresses, then go for a black cape midi dress along with some intricate jewellery to complete your sleek, stylish clothing.

6. Keep a Side cut-out top 

Side cut-outs are gaining attraction and can be worked to their way on party gowns, maxis, and slippery silk tops. Cut-out top is certainly to flaunt your love handle, which is the area underneath your ribcage and just before your waist. Spice up your style with glimpses of your skin with cut-out tops cinched with studs for a ticket to the Hollywood.

Make sure you add cut-out tops to your spring clothes category by dressing up such tops with leather jacket and boots to get all those spring vibes.

7. Disco room with a sequined dress

The new spring season’s one of the top trends rising fast is to get cinched with sequins. Sequined dresses represent sparkly glamour to bring back the laid-back mood with a Hollywood style gown and sneakers. This is the new comfort fashion can create a whole personal disco room for you. You can feel like a celebrity in a back slit sequined dress.

Uplift your body shape by slipping into a glitzy black gown this weekend to enjoy your special event.

8. Between the Striped Dress

There is nothing better and energizing than the strips. The striped game has been changing from getting bigger to ballsier on the spring clothes runaways. The inspiration of the old strips is reviving again to feel that freshness also. Striped dress with bold colours and lines can work very well the spring season and give you those perfect vibes.

Pair a striped dress with neon-coloured heels to get a flashback of old times.

9. Midi skirt on the roar

Get a feminine touch with flowy skirts which can be seen on the ramp’s walks and streets. Midi skirt will make sure that you have comfort with the style which can be suitable for every occasion. Midi skirts can accentuate your every style and look which you desire.

Dress up your black or printed midi skirt with a casual t-shirt and sneakers to get off-duty attire. You can also pair it with ankle boots and a leather jacket to complete your spring look.

10. Get those 70’s Flared Pants 

This is a perfect pair of pants to level up your fashion game for your spring clothing items. These pants can do more than talking for the current trend-driven season which can be turned into a cozy version by complimenting it with a cool jacket. The flared pants’ rising trend can be seen everywhere due to its comfortable fit and cotton stretch.

11. Cropped pants and mules

Cropped pants can be hard to wear, but they gain popularity, giving an illusion of short legs. They are also more likely to make your chunky calves as cropped pants tend to end just below your ankles. The geeky and playful style of the cropped pants makes them trendy by showing off your ankle bones. It’s a significant trend for spring clothing to maintain a flattering silhouette.

One way to avoid length shortening can be done by pairing mules to balance out the cropped pants guidelines. This will make your legs appear longer.

12. Floral Jumpsuit in Spring

As the days are getting hotter, the spring is arriving. It’s time to update your spring clothing collection with beautiful and stunning floral print jumpsuits. Styling a floral jumpsuit can be simplest of all which can give you an incredible look instantly. A floral jumpsuit can make an effortless, chic outfit which is great for lazy spring days when you don’t feel like putting much time.

Keep your hair with natural waves or messy to give that oomph and kill your floral jumpsuit with confidence.

All the discussed trends are your go-to fashion guide tips for your next spring clothing closet shopping spree. From wide stripes to flared pants to sequined dresses are coming all back from the past, which seems like the ’80s and 90’s fashion is still trying to create a footprint with contemporary looks. The famous designers and fashion gurus are making sure that they bring nostalgia to the fashion market, which is a great strategy to attract people and increase sales. This is an era of fashion revolution as everyone is striving hard to stay relevant to the pandemic. More and more people are intrigued by work from home and staying home fashion trends which are inevitable these days. You can also be part of the revolution by following influencers and celebrities’ patterns to have your personalized pandemic-based spring clothing fashion style.

On this note, don’t forget to check out our other upcoming blogs to stay tuned to the latest spring clothing fashion and trends that you don’t want to miss out.