The chilly cold season is close, and finding the right way to dress up in winters can sometimes be challenging. It’s essential to strike the right balance between formal and casual proportion to achieve that androgynous style. However, winters are about fluffy jackets, sweaters or coats and trendy suits to add a spark to your day in a unique way. 

If you think this blog is based on mainstream ways to dress up a suit, you are mistaken. Suits can be worn in many creative ways, unlike your usual formal way which is outdated and dull. We can help you spruce up your suit game with confidence and style. Today, we will share seven different ways to wear a good suit in winters for that never-ending love affair with them.

  1. The Anti-fit suit

An oversized blazer and matching elastic waist pants can go a long way to your next formal event. Pair this look without a shirt and by just tying a tie on the neck can smoothly finish your suit game. This type of look can be a win-win for you since it’s not the usual way to carry a suit. Pair a small bag to get that effortless yet trendy suit style that exudes confidence with a unique touch. Is an off-duty model look perfect for ramps and fashion events to pull off your personality in a unique way.

2. The Equestrian Chic

This is kind of boyfriend style clothing which belongs to males but adapted to suit females. An unconventional way of styling a suit is pairing the pants with a high neck sweatshirt and a vest. Top over blazer with pants and long boots for that winter horse riding attire. Fold your blazer sleeves for a subtle sleekness. You will have a chic and ultra-voguish outfit for the next streetwear to get those awe-inspiring looks. Keep your hair flicked back and bold lips for a cleaner finish.

3. The Bermudian Color Block

Go for the Bermuda pants and blazer by a colour contrasting to achieve a visually striking effect. Pair a matching coloured blazer and a vest top with contrasting coloured Bermuda shorts to be the girl who likes to stay ahead of the fashion. This up-to-date style never goes out of fashion if you further amplify it with long boots to adjust the outfit’s proportion. You can be a Greek chic in this winter outfit to be a slayer.

4. The Demure Drape

A novel way of pairing a suit but in a modern, stylish way to avoid mainstream fashion looks. Wear flared pants and a blazer in monotone colours with a bralet. Embellish your outfit with a scarf by draping it around the blazer attaching with a button and sleeves. Pair it with a big purse bag to complete the entire look. This effortless and snazzy look will never disappoint you and let you reach your new heights of fashion. Pair it with ankle boots and a handbag to elevate your fashion game. Draped pantsuit look is on-trending and for the girls who wish to be fashion-forward.

5. The suit with a side of Knit

Change your sense of fashion and be that high stepper girl that exudes sophistication, confidence and sultriness at the same time. This eye-glazing look is achieved by pairing your blazer with a jumper knit top and a bralet by topping it over with a blazer. Pair with matching suit pants and a sleek ponytail to give you haute couture feels. This blazer look is extra-ordinary and helps you flaunt your body curves very well. It can be styled for a casual to a formal event for the day’s on-point winter season outfit.

6. The Hound’s Tooth

Complimenting your outfits with fascinating animal prints can never go out of fashion. Winter season is known for its wildness associated with the clothing style. Pair your mainstream suit blazer with a matching pair of formal shorts and long zebra print boots to give you a hippie style. We want to add more animal print layers to our winter outfit to make it more bold and fierce. Finally, to get a chic print-on-print exotic look, layer over the tooth print of a camel’s long overcoat. Such outfits are meant to give 80’s-inspired power shoulders, and you feel like a boss. This style deserves a space in your wardrobe.

 7. The preppy green suit

Using the tones of green to build a layered outfit creates a strikingly appealing effect. It makes you imminent in the crowd and lets you be a fashion icon. This a complete lagenlook style, layered with a white bare high neck and trendy striped tie knot button down. Then finally lighter hue of blazer paired with a different tone of green pants. This monotone ombre attire can make anyone look like a fly and ace winter outfit perfectly. Wear this outfit with high closed-toe heels and minimal earrings to add a little touch of elegance. This attire can be work-inspired look to get the most trendy working woman award at the office. We are sure this style can pace up your work and make your boss happy.

Summing up all the looks, these styles are inspired by modern contemporary fashion trends for knock-off suit mix and match. All the looks can be worn on different occasions according to your mood and your personality type. Just pick an outfit which resonates with your personality to make you feel more than a formal suit. 

If you wish to take your claim to the next level, follow our tips and tricks never to get bored out of them wearing a suit. Our suggestions are the most unique and can solve your everyday dressing problems to keep your day going with growing power and enthusiasm.