Winter cosy season is here, and we want to make sure that we go right with our winter clothing choices to be a fashion-forward queen. There are many ways you can use winter fashion staples to create myriad of looks through reversible clothing to avoid wasting money. However, the challenge is that not everyone is aware of these styling techniques to get the most out of winter basics.

But we can solve your problem of repetitive looks and help you elevate your style like a professional. We have gathered six bare winter wardrobe essentials to recreate your looks and play with your outfits accordingly. If you want to rule hearts of the people this winter, use our top six cosy fit styles to ace your every winter outfit.

  1. Faux Fur Coat 

In this happy, cosy season, faux fur coats can play a significant role in making your outfits ultra-mushy and trendy to stay warm all the time. This type of women’s winter coat is super soft and perfect for getting layered up with other sweaters and blouses. Fluffy jackets are designed to bring maximum comfort and more soothing the bundling, more generous the cosiness. 

Styling Tips:

  • You can style this faux fur coat for a monochromatic look which is effortless yet chic for your next winter ensemble. Dress it up with a matching cropped top and flared pants to get inundated with compliments.
  • Layer up atop your winter suit as a statement to take your outfit to the next level. Get all eye gazes from the people you adore.
  • For a more polished and casual look, go for baggy jeans, basic high neck knit blouse and short ankle boots to let your outfit do more talking.
  • Wear animal contrasting prints for a top and bottom with the coat to look extra cool and strikingly appealing.
  • If you want to go for a dazzling party look, then pair it with a little short body-con dress to get that hot mama on a blazing fire.
  • Pair it with skinnies and wear it the other way round to give you oversized fluffy bear feels.


  • Winter coat with fury and soft fabric to stay hot all season
  • It’s cinched with an open collar and detailed with lines
  • Available in brown colour and suitable for all the occasions 

2. Striped Blazer

As you all know, stripes can never go out of fashion and have stayed with us for more than a decade. You can easily elevate your look with a striped blazer to look funky and stylish. Such blazers tend to go nearly with every outfit you pick, and we swear you will never be disappointed. You can wear it fitted or oversized; this piece is versatile and quirky at the same time.

Styling tips:

  • For a smart casual outfit, dress up with skinny jeans and a slim fit top with pointed toe heels to spice your entire look. 
  • If you wish to pair it as your work attire, then add a basic white button-down tucked into black flared denim to be a boss lady. You will surely ace your next client presentation.
  • Next is that chic and effortless style by pairing it with ripped mom fit jeans and screened ankle boots to be that girl next door. 
  • Add a hint of sultriness to your style by pairing it with a bralet and denim to make all the boys fall for you.
  • You probably don’t want to wear this blazer in a usual way all the time. Make it more interesting with long dresses. Pair it as a statement atop any long dress and amplify your outfit by giving a feminine touch
  • Bundle up by adding extra layers of contrasting blouses and tanks top never to go wrong with any vibe you choose.


  • Detailed with stripes and composed of linen fabric
  • It’s cinched with lapels and cutouts with ruffles around the neckline
  • Buttons are lined with eyelets and include front pockets

3. Knitted Jacquard

It’s time to snuggle up, get ready for some comfort food and coffee on your bed in the trendy knitted sweatshirt. Such knitwear can make you feel comfortable, cozy and chic wherever you go. Sweatshirts are designed to fulfil your dream of streetwear-inspired outfits to get those insta-worthy pictures. You can style such quirky-cute sweatshirts in various ways which is full of personality.

Styling Tips:

  • You can give it a corporate look by dressing it under a business suit by tucking it with pants. Keep it formal and rock ‘n’ roll simultaneously by wearing an adorable sweatshirt to make you stand out with a pop of bold colour.
  • Style it with a pleated midi skirt to get a trendy and picture-perfect outfit for your happy, cosy winter season. Pair it up with sneakers and aviators to get a look looking good.
  • Choose high-waisted wide-legged pants or shorts to suit your natural curves with a sweatshirt by tucking it to get a figure-flaunting look. It can be paired with sneakers and heels, depending on your mood and vibes.
  • Layer it under a long trench coat by tucking it with baggy jeans and pair it with ankle boots. For a fashion makeover, keep hair in a middle-parted sleek bun and style with big hoops to look like an off-duty model.
  • The sweatshirt can be your winter fashion utility if paired with overalls, sneakers and oval sunglasses. This look can give you 1890’s throwback flashback.
  • Go for that extra casual and comfy look by pairing it with sweat pants and sneakers to get that airport-style outfit. You are certainly going to get all eyes on you wherever you go.


  • It’s cinched with knitted crew neck
  • Designed with a bold “Everywhere” print in red block letters
  • Oversized with full sleeves 

4. Cropped High Neck

Be it winters or summers; cropped tops can be your saviour in every season. Cropped high necks are designed to make your winter clothing game strong. You can pull off any outfit by accentuating your love handles and making people fall for you. This is a cozy and super soft cropped sweatshirt which can be styled in the number of ways to elevate your any outfit.

Styling tips:

  • Layer it over a basic white button-down by buttoning it up unequally for power dressing. Pair it with light mom fit jeans and screen ankle boots for a jaw-dropping style.
  • Go for an oversized blazer, cropped sweatshirt, midi skirt and black ankle boots with tied up hair. This is a classic winter look which you definitely cannot miss; try to end the outfit with a pair of black sunnies.
  • The cropped high neck can be complemented with a romper and sneakers very well. 
  • If you wish to be a fashion-forward queen, then pair it with high waisted leather pants to achieve that hourglass body shape.
  • Top it over a tank top and skirts with long boots to up-level your fashion game. You are indeed can be the talk of the town in this outfit.
  • Keep up with the changing trends by dressing it up with a denim jacket to that retro-vintage look.


  • High neck top detailed with a back zipper
  • Long sleeves with an oversized cropped style
  • Composed of knitting

5. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are fashionable and versatile, which are suitable for many occasions and come in various styles. Such jackets are the best way to keep yourselves warm and cozy during winters which can be dressed as a statement style. If you want to complete any casual to chic outfit, then the bomber jacket is your answer. You can integrate this iconic piece in your wardrobe in various ways.

Styling tips:

  • Flaunt your bomber jacket style by pairing it with a crop top and formal flared pants to have a sassy look. This jaw-dropping style can make you look like a diva
  • You can slay a casual look by dressing it up with jogger pants and sneakers to go for a jog or a night walk. 
  • Get an injection of attitude by complimenting the jacket with leather pants and long boots to get a more rugged look.
  • Throw your bomber jacket over a playsuit or any printed dress with a pair of cowboy boots for a more relaxed style
  • For a more oversized bomber jacket, pair it with a pencil skirt and tie a scarf around the neck with a dash of red lipstick to give a boyfriend style retro outfit inspiration
  • Get that perfect night out look by pairing it with a silk or velvet black dress with some black pumped heels and statement jewellery.


  • It’s detailed with velvet lurex lines around the shoulders and handcuffs
  • Open front zipper for a tailored fit
  • Cinched with a genuine collar

6. Jacquard Long winter Coat

As the weather gets colder, it’s always more comfortable for us to wrap ourselves in the warmest coat in your closet. You can update your winter fashion by adding long winter coats in your collection. These coats are bound to make this cool season into the chicest season of all. The knitted winter coat is a bare wardrobe essential which can be turned into trend-worthy style with your creativity.

Styling tips:

  • For an alluring outfit, dress it up with a mesh top, leather skirts and long boots to kill that winter look. Embellish it with a leather belt on the waist over the coat to be a stylish girl.
  • To achieve that look from 90’s fashion, pair it with flared denim and a crop top with ankle boots. You will be the girl that wins hearts every time.
  • Get that peek-a-boo look by pairing this coat with a fancy bralette with intricate jewellery and a pleated skirt that can be great for any evening.
  • This coat can be paired with a black high neck and denim for an everyday casual look.
  • Wear a white button-down with a crew neck sweater to give a more professional look. Pair the long coat over the top with skinnies and high-heeled boots which is perfect for even the smartest occasions.
  • Slip in the coat with a short dress and net fish stockings to bundle up elegantly. This long coat outfit is enough to continue with your obsession with dresses all year long.

All the winter looks can be aced in many creative ways to make you a fashion queen this season. The mixing and matching of the winter basics is the best way to bring your inner fashionista at the forefront. Bundling up in different winter basics gives you a great feminine silhouette that makes you feel amazing in it.

The tips we have included in this blog can make your styling game elevated with just a few statements. We are confident that you would not be bored out of your mainstream winter clothes this season, but instead, you will feel elated in this season of festivities.