The LBD (little black dress) has been in the fashion lexicon game that is why it’s found in every wardrobe staple. One dress that every woman can rely on every occasion due to its style fit and sophisticated statement. As the winter kicks in, summer shades of colour shifts to darker tones and little black dress becomes an essential staple. Be it a Thursday night zoom call meeting or enjoying a socially distanced dinner in an actual restaurant; this piece of LBD is enough to take over your definite moments.

However, this iconic piece of clothing has evolved over many years with new styles and silhouettes. The little black dress is featured in almost every old Hollywood movie till now, which shows that it has an essential purpose in the fashion era. If you want to know the fascinating story behind your little black dress idea, then keep on reading.

Who popularized the little black dress?

Little black dress has been very old, and women have always worn black attire, especially in Victorian times. However, the major version of LBD came into being in the 1920s from the famous designer called Coco Chanel. In 1926, a drawing of a simple little black dress in crepe de china was published in a magazine. The dress had long sleeves and cinched with all of the strings of the pearl. In short, the dress was easily accessible and available for all of the classes. The magazine also speculated that this dress would become a uniform for all women, a spot-on prediction. The designer later claimed that she chose black because of the strong sense and how it has been wiping out everything. The dress was launched in a depression-era when simple, and affordability were the most critical factors. Later on, the fabric and textiles were rationed, so the simple little black dress was the only choice for every woman without breaking the bank and staying elegant at the same time.

After that, another designer Christian Dior came along and truly changed the ear of fashion through a novel perspective. The little black dress transformed into full skirts cinched with waists with a sultrier update, and it wasn’t a long time when Hollywood adopted the style on and off-screen.

Since the little black dress has been continuously evolved and been a favourite fashion item everywhere, sheath dresses were popular in the ’60s, and pouffe dresses were a big hit in the ’80s. Then finally, slip dresses made a significant comeback in the ’90s with minimalist ethos.

Now that we know the history behind your little black dress, let’s move on to the importance of an LBD and why every woman desires or needs this dress.

Why does every girl need a little black dress?

Every woman needs something classy, elegant and sophisticated in her wardrobe and a little black dress is something that comes into our mind. A little black dress can fulfil every woman’s dream and a passport to the sartorial mindset. It is a must-have item for every woman’s wardrobe. But the primary reason LBD is so popular that it can re-invented into limitless possibilities. A little black dress is appropriate for many spontaneous occasions as it saves time a lot without any hassle. Getting dressed up in high heels or flats and matching your outfit with some accessories will make you realize that your little black dress is extremely useful. However, you will sometimes find yourself in situations where you can never get enough.

Fashion’s wardrobe staple will give you a roller coaster ride from office to the dinner date party, from office meetings to the cocktail parties and the ball. Whatever extremes you could think of, you can imagine yourself in a little black dress every time.

Today, we will discuss some of the styles that can be worn for all the occasions you could think of and play with your little black dress accordingly. It’s time to hit a refresh button to update your wardrobe with all the right short black dresses.

Evolving little black dresses styles this season

  1. High neck Draped dress

High neck draped dresses made with structured fabric are super versatile and quirky to carry. This type of little black dress possesses all kinds of qualities you are looking for with a draped style and high collar neck. Pull this beauty for a casual hangout or a coffee date with your boyfriend to grab anyone’s attention. It’s a simple LBD which can suit anyone’s body shape with a twist.

Compliment it with a pair of sneakers to complete your draped dress like a pro.

2. Short Leather Dress

If you pull off a significant motorcycle look, then a short leather dress can be your saviour. A super comfortable and soft leather dress is the best gift you could to yourself in winters. This kind of little black dress is for the occasions you prefer to look sassy and pose your inner wildness. This type of outfit can perfectly fit robust and independent woman personalities which is quite impeccable. The short leather dress can be styled in several ways to adjust to your surroundings. 

 Pair long leather boots for a bonfire party or just ankle strap heels if you wish to hit a bar with confidence.

3. Knit dress

Winters are almost saying goodbye, but it’s a time to greet spring with a new style. Uplift your spring season with a short knit dress as your next little black dress to be in the latest fashion trend. Be a fashion-forward and ace your little black outfit for an appealing sense of style. This is a cute version of a little black dress which can give you a perfect head start to any day. This type of knit dress can be suitable for morning coffee, lunch to movie day as this one is a versatile outfit.

Don’t forget to throw in a pair of sandals or sneakers for casual attire.

4. Short Sequin Dress

Sequin is a hot trend running these days, and it can be styled in numerous ways because of the shiny outfit’s versatility. Sequin dresses are perfect for any occasions like birthday parties, cocktail parties or any casual gathering for blingy things. You can also incorporate sequin fashion into your day to day life. The entire dress can do the talking of your clothing without any hesitation.

Try to keep the shoes less flashy to balance out the entire glitzy outfit.

5. Classic Short Sleeves Zipper

This little black dress is comfiest of all and looks like a t-shirt that uncovers your style most beautifully. If you have a robust minimalist mindset, this dress is designed to keep a classic look. In the end, you can complement it with casual sneakers and a coin necklace to go out on a shopping spree or lunch with your girlfriends.

You have to strike a balance between chicness and elegance then pull off your classic zipper with the sleek modern cut.

6. Sleeveless Netted Mini Dress

This is a low-key little black dress that can make you stand out from the crowd in a cocktail party or a casual dinner. An exotic dress styled in various ways in formal or informal depends on what vibes you pick. Top a heavy rhinestone necklace and earrings to give it a touch of glamour. For a casual take, full jeans or leather jacket. If you wish to have a more uniform style, pair this black beauty with black mules to get the perfect all-black trendy attire.

7. Bodycon dress

Ignite the fire with a black bodycon dress to accentuate your flattering love handles. A dress exceptionally crafted to impress all the boys with a sexy cut. This little black dress can beat anyone’s desire for you and a must-have in your wardrobe to look fierce at the same time. The bodycon dress can be worn on casual occasion with low-key accessories and sneakers with a leather jacket for the extra-chic outfit.

Other ways to style a bodycon dress are pairing it with a button-down shirt on the top and long boots by topping over a leather blazer. This is a killer bodycon style to flaunt if you are insecure about your body shape.

8. One-shoulder Dress

According to the evolving fashion trends, one-shoulder dresses have been going on for years with updated versions and styles. The one-shoulder clothing is most appropriate for curvy women who want to highlight their beautiful curves which is quite appealing. A little black dress above the knees with monotone colours can level-up your dressing game.

You can try it out with over-the-knee boots, and a choker necklace can get along with it very well.

9. Dotted fitted Midi Dress

A fitted midi dress can be your next party staple with amazingly creative ways to style it. This type of little black dress is designed to get you ready like a superstar for the red carpet. Just pair it with a long camel coat by draping over your shoulders, and you will be all set for any formal event like a celebrity. Another is to style it with a long silk robe with black strap sandals for a more elegant look. You can ace this outfit on multiple occasions like casual dining or even weddings by complimenting it with jewellery.

10. Buttoned Collar dress

A buttoned custom shirt dress is what you need in your wardrobe. It’s pretty an easy choice if you know how to match your personality with style. A collared dress can help you determine your overall appearance and formality yourself as this little black dress gives you the aura of boldness and fierceness at the same time. You can boss around anyone in this collared dress to be that centre of attention.

Don’t forget to style it with long leather boots and leave your loose hair with natural waves to exude a natural beauty.

All the little black dresses designs discussed above are trending these days with celebrities and influencers for the street style to the party wear. If you want to make sure that you set yourself apart, follow all the little black dress fashion trends and recreate your looks. We believe that you are more confident and comfortable in your skin when you create outfits according to your personality and fashion tastes. This is the only reason we give you consistency advice to stay ahead of the fashion game to make sure that you wear outclass clothes all the time.

That’s all for today, but we will be back with some fashion trends and solutions for you to enjoy the latest updates and help you through your clothing journey.